Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I got floor today!

     Sometimes at work I feel bored, over worked, and completely unsure.  (Usually not all at the same time)  But sometimes when I really feel like I am discovering something I get a sense of Yes!  This is why I do this!  I started on a new project last week working on sites along State Route 260 near Payson, AZ.  I was assigned to work at a site on a hill top with what looked like 2 rooms/houses with masonry walls visible on the surface.  I started excavating one of them with a daunting feeling due to the immensity of my "unit" and the fact that I was to dig it alone, or at least mostly.  During the course of last week and the 2 days of this one I slowly took the dirt down 20cm at a time encountering hard clays and tons of rocks to slow my progress, but today I finally hit the floor!  Along with 2 manos lying right on top, Triumph!  The change from the charcoal filled rocky roof fall soil to a blaringly gray floor was glorious. Now I have a beautiful 3 foot high wall and the makings of a very nice floor, which is not usually the case.  It has taken me weeks to finally reach the floor in other houses I've worked in, but I have never done a rock walled structure so I was totally at a loss as to what to expect.  Granted I have only begun to uncover the floor and I will encounter many more obstacles while finishing, it's the small things like looking at a floor of a house not seen by anyone for 1000 years that makes the aches and pains all worth it.   

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